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ROUND 21: Comics For June 29, 2011 Vacation Edition

Welcome to week 1 of Vacation Comics-Athon. When I met the effluvious (not a real word) Rusty Shackles I ended up grabbing an issue I was looking for of the Rocketeer Adventures and I stopped off at the wonderful Laughing Ogre Comics in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday and along with a new Transmetropolitan volume and the Nextwave complete TPB I got a few comics I'd not seen before.

Back Rack, Meshach and Abendnego

Rocketeer Adventures #2
I will repeat that if I am aware that there is an attractive Betty Page-ish girl in a book, I will be more likely to buy it. It is the same rule that got me to finally get a copy of The Spirit #14 reviewed in Round 15 that I bought for similar reasons. So far my belief that Betty Page look-alikes in comics mean quality has stood up. The new Rocketeer Adventures is a fun blast of nostalgia with wildly different stories, brassy dames and wonderful art. And everything requires little knowledge of the world or setting so you can pick up these books.
Favorite Comic
Score: +2

Gladstone's School For World Conquerors
I like supervillains and I too have desired to conquer the world. Gladstone's is a place I would like to go fully of interesting and bright characters, storylines that are shaping up to something and a fun environment. If I had kids I'd give them this book and if I weren't going to get visited by the police I'd hand this book out to kids on the street. The book is a lot of fun so hook up a younger reader.
Score: +1

The Sandman Presents Petrefax
Petrefax came from that Sandman story World's End where he decided to leave his master to explore the worlds and this story follows the young mortician on his journey. The problem is the journey is full of tropes with confusing characters and really a lack of wonderment leaving it a very dry story, at least for me. While I found the characters interesting nothing ever felt vital or at risk and the 100 pages quickly became a bore to read through. It lacks the fun or magic of Gaiman but it is far from horrible. In the end like a corpse it is very dry.
Score: +0

Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks
I decided to try another kids book this week because I'd see the Mini-Hulks back up feature and decided to give it a try. HSMH left me without much enjoyment. The jokes follow a painfully dull format. While it is a gag a day style strip, that in no way means it has to be dull. What could be an enjoyable book just feels like a newspaper strip with better printing qualities. I'd not give this to a kid.
Score: -1

The Spirit #14
This may be my favorite single issue ever. I reviewed it twice, I've kept on rereading it. It is a great issue of comics. BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!

Score: + All The Points

IDW: +2
Veritgo: +0
Image: +1
Marvel: -1
DC: + All The Points

...and then DC got all the points for the week. See you next week internet when I pick up some comics with Joe Hunter of Changeling and then I yell at him I guess.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ROUND 19: Reviews For June 22, 2011

I come home for vacation and I find out that Niles got his reviews up before me? Gasp!
Like I mentioned last week-terday I'll not be reviewing new comics after this for the next two weeks because I am on vacation and I'd rather get comics late than not support my LCBS.
That said I will be grabbing a trade or two so I might review those instead but let's talk about some comics!

Deadpool #39
This issue of Deadpool ramps up the action by turning Deadpool into the one man suicide squad based on what I know about them which is the are prisoners who may die but wanna do good. I guess though Deadpool who is trying to die after he realized he has no friends (and immortality) so he isn't trying to live. The problem was Deadpool isn't a total ass so he also ends up saving a preschool from the Hulk and the army and dies. At least for a few weeks. Overall it was enjoyable, I didn't really laugh out loud But it is nice to see Deadpool having some morality. This is also as close to a Deadpool Kindergarten Cop as we will ever get - Eeets all ah tuumor.
Score: +1

Batman: Gates of Gotham #2
Bridges are built to connect man. To what? Probably something poetic and schmaltzy like the people. Last issue though, the symbolic bridges of Gotham, representative of the Elliots (Hush), Cobblepots (The Penguin) and the Waynes (Batman) got massively exploded. Now the architects of the attack are going after the family members themselves and it is up to the new family of Gotham (The Batman Family) to stop them. There is a good deal of banter and I like how the universe is being expanded historically though I do wish that we didn't need to worry about it becoming irrelevant. Great issue though and the art continues to be wonderful.
Score: +1

The Incredible Hulks #631 (Cover currently is incorrect)
Last week when they found the wishing well, Amadeus Cho wished for backup for the Hulk. The problem was he never specified if he wanted them to fight for or against the Hulk. Now Fin Fang Foom, BiBeast, Wendigo, Arm'chedo and Umar showed up with a grudge. If you recall I had said the last issue wasn't firing on all cylinders? This issue has Hulk fighting a super sized BiBeast and Wendigo in a floating Las Vegas and that makes it my Favorite Comic of the week. Also there is an Avengers casino where all the women dress as Scarlet Witch and that is pretty hilarious as a criticism of her costume and as a visual.
Favorite Comic
Score: + 2

Mystery Men #2
The Operative (think the Spirit) and The Revenant (think Zatara) team up, unwillingly, to fight the demonic possesed General in Marvel's continuing pulp history series. The problem is The Operative seemingly killed his girlfriend and her sister showed up wanted revenge on the General for faking the murder. Also her sister wears giant jets on her back and flies around! This is fun original comics! Try it out!
Score: +1

The Outsider #1
My weekly Flashpoint tie-in for the button revolves around a character who was originally Alfred (Batman's butler) who got killed and resurrected by a scientist (who Alfred then killed and turned into a dead clone of Alfred).This Outsider killed millions upon his birth when he made a three mile sinkhole. This Outsider is a master criminal (master criminals have legacies planned and are able to do things besides revenge). This Outsider kills Mr and Mrs. Terrific and The Rising Sun all while holding a business conference. This Outsider is baller. While not on Frankenstein levels of awesome it is nice to see another great Flashpoint title.
Score: +1

Sliver Surfer #5
To recap, The High Evolutionary stole Norrin Radd's power, defeated Galactus more or less and turned the doctor who was helping Norrin into his own herald. Then Norrin went into space with the Future Foundation and stole some of his powers back to stop the high Evolutionary who was transforming the Moon into a sustainable living planet - aka being Anti Galactus. Then Galactus showed up, Silver Surfer had to deal with emotions conflicting with his powers cosmic and Galactus told the High Evolutionary they were sort of equal. In the end the High Evolutionary leaves, his herald is depowered and Silver Surfer has to enter servitude to Galactus once more to keep him from eating the Moon which would end all life on Earth. It was sad because I originally didn't care for the beginning of the series but when it got going it was wonderful. I do look forward to seeing where this goes in the future.
Score: +1

Superman #712
Just read this, find out why I won't review the issue (short hand, it isn't more of Roberson's Superman and I don't care about Krypto feeling sad about stuff that no longer matters.)

Thunderbolts #159
The Fear Itself gets more Fear all in itself with the Double Sized Special because for a team this big, they gotta break apart. After the Raft got smashed by a Hammer powered Juggernaut the team got broken up in the wreckage. The main team of Songbird, Moonstone, Fixer, Mach-5, Hyde, Shocker, Centurius and Boomerang work to rescue the workers and stop escapees but Centurius and the new members decide it is a better time to set up for an escape by deactivating and removing their nanobots before returning to help. Meanwhile Moonstone ends up going down to the women's prison to take control only to have her powers stripped. Luckily for an ex psychologist she convinces the women to follow her. Ghost ends up going to save the Warden and we get to read the Warden's actions from the sterile side of Ghost who learns that people can surprise you and do the right thing. The final story deals with Taskmaster who plots his escape and then makes good on it because being a Nazi isn't going to endear you to anyone. All of the stories were solid, the art was varied and worked well and seriously, this may be my favorite Thunderbolts issue yet.
Best Comic
Score: +2

Ultimate Spider-man #160
Mylar bags! I can't open this! I want to hold onto it!
Oh wait...
Peter Parker continues his doomed fight as he bleeds to death against the Green Goblin and finally reaches closure by being able to die a heroes death. I was touched but man, this was a good comics week.
Score: +1

The All New OMAC #72
OMAC the One Man Army Corp faces OAMC the One Armed Man Corps! When 500 one armed men move into town and the banks start getting robbed it is up to OMAC to find the One Armed Man involved. The problem is all of the men are involved and OMAC will need to keep his wits together if he can stop their leader, Solo Von Southpaw! While I do like the continuing play with the initials of OMAC I do think OMAC might need a new creative team on it. But that might just be me.

Zatanna #14
After the last issue left me confused and dry the new issue that has Zatanna and Zachery (her cousin who is also a magician) going to a club is wonderful. If not for Hulk fighting giant versions of his enemies and Scarlet Witch server costumes this would be the Favorite. She calls dance music Oonce music, fights a succubus and casts lots of spells. Comics Everybody!
Score: +1

Subway Presents Justice League #2
Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Nascar Guy and Basketball Guy fight Gorilla Grodd and his army of gorillas. Here is the thing though, Nascar Guy and Basketball Guy know each other. Nascar guy drives his Nascar around the city to pick up Subway. Basketball Guy defeats Grodd by throwing a basketball at his head. Green Lantern makes a green version of Nascar Guy's car. Oh, and Green Lantern helps Basketball Guy cheat. And after all that they get to eat their sandwiches. And Green Lantern has a rape face. ... What.
Score: +1

DC: +4
Marvel: +8

This is the closest DC has come to winning. I mean if Superman had been the right issue they would have almost had this week (factoring out bonus points). Good job DC.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ROUND EIGHTEEN: New Comics for June 22, 2011 (and a little bit about the last two weeks)

First off, no. I'm not going to apologize for not posting reviews for the last two weeks. Secondly, yes. I did read those comics. Third, yes. There will be new music in the form of a free downloadable ep from Adam WarRock and myself very soon, which happens to also be the reason why all my writing time was dedicated to rap music and not reviewing comic books.

Anyways, here's what you missed:

June 8, I bought these comics:
American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 (of 5)
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #519
Booster Gold #45
Mega Man #2
Morning Glories #10
Punisher Max #14
Scalped #49
Ultimate Spider-Man #159
The Unwritten #26

All of them were really good, except Black Panther, which was a really bad comic book gussied up with amazing artwork. My favorite comic book that week was Mega Man #2 for somehow being able to pack emotion into an issue where Rock destroys 3 of 6 Robot Masters. The best comic book that week was Scalped #49 for the scene where Dash and Catcher have a shootout on the inside of a pickup truck.

The following week, June 15, 2011 I bought these comics:
Batgirl #22
Cinderella: Fables are Forever #5 (of 6)
Deadpool Max #9
Generation Hope #8
Invincible #80
Power Girl #25
Supergirl #65
Uncanny X-Men #538
X-Factor #221

All of these comics were also very good, except Deadpool Max #9, which, as another reviewer pointed out in a much more timely manner, suffered greatly from the lack of Kyle Baker's particular brand of pop-art insanity. My favorite comic book that week was Batgirl #22 because an American superheroine in London is a phrase I never knew I needed to type so badly. The best comic book that week was Generation Hope #8 for Teon's courtroom-survivalist evolution and all of the potential madness that last page promises.

Old business now properly handled and out of the way, let's talk about this week's comics, shall we? Here's what I bought:
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #520
Captain America #619
Fables #106
Ultimate Spider-Man #160
Zatanna #14

Not a big pull for me this week. It looks like I'll be able to make some progress towards catching up on Booster Gold and playing Darksiders on PS3, which it turns out is a super fun game. I digress... Let's get judgmental about comics!

Do you remember the movie A Night at the Roxbury? No? Well, that's ok. Because Adam Beechen remembers it just fine. This fun little done-in-one by the writer of the also quite fun Batman Beyond series begins with Zatanna lecturing her cousin (imagine Johnny Storm as a stage magician) about responsibility and then he's attacked by a succubus because he wasn't responsible enough to see that one coming. So, of course it's up to Zee to responsible her cousin out of the mess he irresponsibled himself into in the first place. This issue is a perfect addition to a series whose trademark is adventure lite.

Captain America is one of those series that if you're not already reading it, you'll never ever know how consistently great it is until you're reading some top ten or twenty list of all time best runs ten or twenty years from now and you see Ed Brubaker's Captain America on the list and you go, "I remember when that was coming out..." and so you pick up the omnibus or essential reprint and about the time you get to the second or third story arc you say, "Oh my god, this comic book is fantastic." And then you keep reading. Forever. This issue sees Bucky reunite with the Black Widow after a daring-but-reckless prison break and, more importantly, it has Nick Fury in a suit shooting missiles at robots as drawn by Chris Samnee. I once met Mr. Samnee at a convention and shook his hand and thanked him for his work on Thor: The Mighty Avenger. If I ever meet him again I'm going to shake his hand and thank him for this comic.

A lot of hubbub has been raised about this issue already and I'm sure a lot of much more skilled writers than I will have much more insightful things to say about it. So all I really want to say about it is that, for some reason the big moment didn't really resonate with me emotionally the way I thought it should have. I think that may actually be a failing on my part and not the comic. This series has always been one that is best read in trades or arcs and I think that may be what happened with this issue. It's pure momentum in the issues leading to this one and the fact that real-time and not story-time has passed between the last page of the last issue and the first page of this one detracts from the overall effect of this issue. All said and done, Ultimate Spider-Man remains Ultimate Spider-Man and it's a great comic. My favorite super hero book on the stands, hands down. Also, I'm not sure if it was intentional but there's totally a shout out to the cover of Action Comics #1 when Peter smashes Norman Osborn with a truck, which was pretty cool.

The Best Comic Book of the Week was Fables #106, which finally wraps up the Mister Dark saga while leaving a few new threats and twists on the table. The manner in which Bill Willingham actually deals with Mister Dark seemed, to me, a little bit too tidy at first. But after a couple more pages I realized that it's absolutely in keeping with the tone of Fables as a whole. The series has never shied away from actiony bits but even when it happened it was always in such a way that there seemed to be more talking than hitting/stabbing/doing. For most comics that would be a bad thing, but it absolutely works in Fables. That's what I pay my $2.99 to see. I look forward to reading more Fables comics in which they stand around talking the whole time.

I've been giving this series a hard time. But for good reason; the last few issues have been really, really bad. The only saving grace for this book was that the art has been consistently phenomenal. Best-looking-book-on-the-racks good. With this issue writer David Liss shows off some of the reasons he was given the job in the first place. The dynamic between Storm and Black Panther is just and absolute joy to behold. I laughed out loud several times during their banter. There are still some of the same qualms I had with previous issues but not on any of the pages where Storm and Black Panther are together. Not that I even need to say it at this point, but Jefte Palo's artwork is just amazing. This is My Favorite Comic Book of the Week.

Well, there you have it. New comics reviewed on the same day they come out. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't been there to witness the whole thing. Just don't get used to it. Score tally!
Marvel: 4
DC: 1
Vertigo: 2

Marvel wins this week, meaning they get to live to fight the resurrected zombie black lantern versions of DC and Vertigo. Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Oh, also don't forget to check out Changeling, the new webcomic by our other reviewer, Luke and Joe Hunter, who doesn't review comics here..............yet.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ROUND 17: Comics For June 15, 2011

Sorry for the lateness DC Versus Marvels, I was in the semi-final Finals Crisis. The next two weeks might be shaky as I am on break but let's talk about some comics. And then check out my new web comic Changeling.

No images this week since it is almost 3 and I am pooped.

Since I no longer can read stuff off of the racks, I present my new old issue series:
Back Rack, Meshach and Abendnego

Ghost Rider 0.1
I have no familiarity with Ghost Rider besides the movie and the Deadpool Team-Up. I know he rides a motorcycle and he has a flaming skull and he kills all the demons. Other than that I believe his name is Jonathan Ghostriderson, his bike is a ghost - thus he is the Ghost Rider.
In this issue Point One that came out a week or so ago, Jonathan Ghostriderson makes a deal with a stranger so he can stop riding on ghosts. And Jonathan is like "ok" so he drives SO FAST that he turns into a normal human. And then the show a last Ghost Rider because skelebone tits sell comics.
In all seriousness though, I have a problem with heroes giving up powers and especially Jonathan Ghostriderson. I mean he got his powers from the Devil and I don't think the Devil likes regifting. And I don't understand from this issue why Jonathan Ghostriderson gives up his powers. This ain't an introduction - it's just an exiting point. Point one. BAM!
Score: -1

So Niles got this a while ago but when I rode all the way out to the store again to get Superman that didn't actually come out, I picked up this series.
I read the first collection of Madman back at work, loved it but never got to the other volumes and yet I was fine jumping into the special which contains 4 super fun stories. Pick it up.
Score: +2 Best Comic (Old)

Fear Itself: Alpha Flight #1
I know little about Alpha Flight except they die a lot and they are Canadian and the Fear Itself tie-in doesn't work as well if you are not as up to date with their current history and who died and who is on whoms side. I don't know. The comic didn't sit well with me despite my Pak and Van Lente fandom. Too much inner politics and character stuff I am not familiar with. I picked up the series because of the team and I felt let down.
Score: +1

Hulk #35
So last time Red Hulk, Rulk/Thunderbolt Ross, crashlanded on an alien planet, was forced to be a gladiator and the Planet Hulked in a single issue and became the king. This issue faces him off against the enemy king while a super destructive robot searches for the Red Hulk for revenge. Then as the Rulk destroys the enermy rival king with advanced war tactics, Rulk is pulled off the planet by a Watcher. Apparently the entire plan was to trap the robot in a time loop that could only be caused by Planet Hulk happening again and... seriously Jeff Parker, this felt life a weird let down, not to mention confusing.
Score: +1

Batman/Superman #85
After a miniseries with Superman and Batman as magic future wizards it can be a tough act to follow. The first issue of the Secret is not a strong following act. I understand not everything needs to follow in town with comics but a series where Batman and Superman are fighting over secret identities and jobs and Batman making a mistake I have issues. I mean, the story starts with the reader being forced to question whether or not Batman killed someone - Batman the man who does not kill! And apparently Bruce is screwing over investors and Superman is trying to do the right thing. I love that the book has Superman using his powers and using them in fun ways but the rest of the comic sits with me wrong.
Score: -1

Avengers Academy #15
Fear Itself visits the Avengers Academy! Hank Pym tries to keep the students out of harms way only for the government to put them right back in it. Avengers Academy continues to be my favorite book and it is an easy pick for this week's Best Comic.
Score: +2

Double Flashpoint: Legion of Doom/Grodd of War
I don't know. Legion of Doom I got for the pin and out of hopes it would be good. Grodd of War I got because it was a book about a talking evil gorilla. Neither were good or intelligent or entertaining. I just put them as one title to cut down on DC's point loss.
Score: -1

Justice League: Sacked
It is a comic where football players in Hawaii team up with the Justice League to fight Black Manta and Oceanmaster to protect their Subway. And it is like 8 pages long. And it made those Flashpoint comics readable. If this were a real comic it might be my favorite because it is about footballers fighting supervillains for Subway.
Score: +1

Dungeons and Dragons #8
I feel old when my common comics complaint is I forget what is happening in the issues and storyline. The group ends up in the Feywild, they help a gnome, the gnome betrays them and then the gnomes get attacked and some elf guy is after his daughter. It meant nothing much too me. Going to reread during break.
Score: +0

Avengers #14
Rulk Vs Hammer Possessed Ben Grimm! It is a battle for the Bronx and all of New York as the Crimson Crusher faces the Ever-hating Red Eyed Hammer Possessed Thing! Plenty of action! Plenty of cracking and it brings down the entire house and possibly the Rulk!
Favorite Comic!

DC: - 1
IDW: +0
Image: +2
Marvel: +3

It was a weak week for comics all around. Nothing struck me all that well especially after a few weeks of really good comics. Ennngh. Maybe today will be better. Be back later internets!

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ROUNDS 14 & 16: New Comics Reviews for May 25 & June 1, 2011

Seriously, you guys, I don't know how this blog would survive without Luke. Not only is he keeping up with the current weeks comics, he's doing it on time and he's doing it with style. Let's all make the sound of one hand clapping for the guy.

I, on the other hand, am charmingly and fashionably late. I have not one, but two weeks worth of comics I should have read and reviewed long ago. I'm giving you the super condensed version this time, along with an apology, because I've just got too much else that I have to write and I don't think it'll hurt too many people's feelings if I assign this blog as the lowest on the priority chain.

But, so that I'm not giving you nothing but apologies, here's the list of what I picked up:

May 25
American Vampire #15
Captain America #618
Detective Comics #877
FF #4
Secret Warriors #27
Uncanny X-Men #537
The Walking Dead #85
Xombi #3

June 1
Batman Beyond #6
iZombie #14
S.H.I.E.L.D. (v2) #1
Sweet Tooth #22
Uncanny X-Force #11
X-Factor #220

Absolutely everything I read was really, really good so it all gets a score of +1, but my favorites were FF #4 and Xombi #3 for the week of May 25, and iZombie #14 and Uncanny X-Force #11 for June 1. They were amazing and get scores of +2.

Again, sorry for the lack of content. On the bright side, my being too busy to post for the last couple weeks means that there's going to be new music very soon from my rap group The Remnant and my good friend Adam WarRock and myself. So stay tuned for that. Also, a big thanks goes to Luke, who is keeping this blog up to date with new reviews every week. Make sure you check out his webcomic, Socialfist. Also, check out the webcomic Let's Be Friends Again, because Curt and Chris are good dudes and their comic is the best.

Thanks for sticking with me, all. New reviews soon. I promise!

ROUND 15: Comics for June 8, 2011

Hey DC Versus Marvelers, Koltreg the Human Human. This is sadly a turning point in DC Versus Marvel as I was fired after turning in my resignation because work is crazy sometimes and my bosses were pretty horrible. I will end up being more likely to pick up comics though on a splurge because I roll that way friends and readers.

Blast From The Past (Weekly) Review:
Spirit #14
Matt Sturges, co-writer of Jack of Fables, acts as writer on this recent issue of the Spirit which I don't normally read. There was a Betty Page-esqe girl on the cover though so I gave it a shot. Alabaster Cream worked for the creator of Strongman (aka Superman) who apparently has a vault of expensive art and some criminals are after it. Given cryptic clues and a fun side character this issue of the Spirit made me want to check out some of the other issues even if they are written by other writers. It is pure mystery cliche fun and a great story to boot. If I had read this last week or when it came out it would give whatever my Favorite Comic was a run for its money. Also the bad guy is named Mal Proprio. Comics Everyone!
Best Blast From The Past (also if you have a copy of this I want it)
Score: +2

Abin Sur the Green Lantern #1
In this big title Flashpoint Mini, Abin Sur, the guy who gives Hal Jordan his ring has not died yet and as far as I can tell, nature is abhorring that vacuum. There are some fun changes such as Earth not being the story center of the universe even though the White Lantern is there, Sinestro is still a Green Lantern and so on but overall it relies too much on having prior knowledge (and care) of the Green Lantern universe. I just don't have that though.
Score: +0

Batman: Knight of Vengeance
I like Batman. I like the idea of Thomas Wayne being this vengeance obsessed killing Batman but this issue ultimately left me high and dry. It has some good ideas and the art is really good but I want more Batman in my Batman, Batman.
Score: +0

Secret Seven #1
I don't even know, apparently Rac Shade is like an insane New God Green Lantern who went crazy and killed his partners. When he gets sent to New God space jail he is saved by the Enchantress who lost the other half of her persona who Rac awakens. That is my summary and I still don't know or care what happened.
Score: +0

My biggest problem with all these DC reboots is that if you don't already care about the characters, why are you going to read the series know. And then if you are already reading the main series, do you really want to pay extra for another tie in that doesn't affect your comic universe. (HAHAHAHA OH WAIT FLASHPOINT DOES EFFECT THE WHOLE DC UNIVERSE!)
Seriously though, if you want an alternate universe make it inviting to new people which is not what these books are. If you make an alternate universe, leave it alternate and don't make it important.

Off The Racks!:
Ultimate Spider-man #159
Spider-man continues to face off against the remaining Sinister Six (errr Five). The issue and this continuing arc is about what it means to be a hero. Here is Peter Parker whose life just turned perfect - he got Jameson to support him, he has friends, he is getting training and he has the girl. Then he gets shot. Instead of taking care of himself he goes to care for his neighbors, the people who might rally against him. This makes him a hero and this makes a pretty solid issue.
Score: +1

The New Avengers #13
This issue wraps up the recent arc about the original Avengers who were active back in World War 2 while also dealing with Mockingbird getting shot previously and the New Avengers looking for a cure. Sadly this still didn't pull me in all that much. I liked the team back when it was doing fun stuff like hiring nannies and cracking wise. Squirrel Girl would not like this at all. Either way though, the next part is Fear Itself which looks good so I'll wait till the next arc to give it a shot.
Score: +0

Deadpool #38
Last time on Deadpool, the Merc with A Mouth decided he wanted to die. And when you have a healing factor this is not easy. Deadpool hunted down the Hulk and in this issue threatens to set off a nuke every hour he is still kicking. The problem is Deadpool isn't dying and the Hulk is getting closer and closer to a town and Deadpool isn't keen on letting little kids get killed.
Score: +1

Fear Itself: Deadpool #1
Deadpool is dealing in villainproofing houses but when the hammer powered Juggernaut destroys his safe house he loses all of his business and his coworkers who decide to work in a smaller town. When Deadpool learns about the Serpent's hammers he decides the best course of action is to stir up some business by making a villain he can defeat with a fake hammer and the Walrus. Problem is the hammer is actually magical.
Score: +1

The Incredible Hulks #630
The final art of the action-Pak-ed run that started with Planet Hulk comes to an end with what is shaping up to be a big reality warping bang. Betty Ross (Red She-Hulk) and her beau Tyrannus, the immortal emperor of Subterranea, which is under Las Vegas are about to share a drink of the Fountain of Youth when AIM comes in. The Fountain turns into a Wishing Well, AIM gets beaten and the Hulk and Co are called in. Looks like something big is shaping up.
Score: +1

Journey Into Mystery #624
Oh man the art and the writing in this book is amazing. Loki continues to scheme because Loki is a schemer. Loki ends up traveling to Hel and Hell in this issue and man, the art and the writing. Just give the series a try.
Best Comic Of The Week
Score: +2

Who Are The Mystery Men #1
I picked this series up on a whim and it is interesting enough creating a Marvel Universe pulp hero series set during the depression with magic, demons, sacrifice, punching, cops and jumping on rooftops. The series is really promising and I really want to find out where this series is going to go. Check it out!
Score: +1

Frankenstein Face Off
This week Marvel and DC both have a Frankenstein Miniseries for you to check out that ties into their summer event so I present to you The Frankenstein Face Off

Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1
So Frankenstein gets discovered frozen in ice like Ultimate Cap. Then he gets pulled into an army with a creature from the Black Lagoon-esqe woman, a super vampire and a werewolf, all test subjects for project M, the project that apparently lead to Superman. After Frankenstein kills Hitler ending World War 2. Yes, Frankenstein kills Hitler. The team gets put to sleep after that only to wake up after an accident 65 years later. They run off to search for a cure and Frankenstein killed Hitler. HITLER. This is just ridiculously awesome.
Favorite Comic Of The Week
Score: +2

Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1
Man Thing, the dude who is like Swamp Thing minus the brain plus Fear Powers is going insane in New York since everyone is fearing. If you remember, Man-Thing's catchphrase is "Who fears burns at the touch of the Man-Thing." She-Hulk, Howard the Duck, Frankenstein and Nighthawk team up to fight Man-Thing only to end up getting transformed into monsters because the Man-Thing is also the Nexus of realities.
Score: +1

Frankenstein Face Off
Frankenstein in Flashpoint is a much better and more interesting character but he is also the focus. And he KILLS HITLER! Fear Itself meanwhile has him on a team and he's fighting a crowd and then grows 4 extra heads so yeah. DC wins and this Flashpoint tie in is actually fun and works by itself. And it came with a Frankenstein pun which is cool.

Final Score:
Marvel +8
DC +4

DC made a small but powerful showing even though most of the comics scored nothing at all. Congrats DC for a solid showing this week with an older Spirit comic and a good tie in.

See you next Wednesday

Expected Pull List:
Superman Batman
Grod Of War
Legion Of Doom (for the button)
Dungeons and Dragons
Alpha Flight
Avengers Academy

Stuff I Forgot:
Superman (edit: TFAW did not come out this week)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

ROUND 13: Comics For June 1, 2011

An update so late in the week? What am I? A vampire? No. That is silly. What does being a vampire have to do with posting late in the week.
Truth be told DC Vs Marvelers, I have been busy this week. Relatives, homework, freelance work, no sleep and a myriad of other forces teamed up with the thing to bring me down man.
The notes this week might be weird since I took them a while ago and I don't wanna reread everything. Too tired.

Blast From The Past (Weekly) Review
Onslaught Unleashed #4
I don't know about Onslaught Unleashed. I picked it up originally because if they are bringing back Prof X's evil mind baby with Magneto and the baby is canon then sign me up. Onslaught tried to possess Rikki Barnes/Nomad, the alternate Bucky and then her teammates the Young Allies and the Secret Avengers tried to stop them. The art was good but the storytelling was unclear. Apparently the brother of Toro, a Young Ally, was there and doing something and it was confusing. At the end I think they sealed Onslaught away again but it maybe didn't happen. I just don't even know.
Score: -1

The Incredible Hulks #629
Last time on The Incredible Hulks, Tyrannus the immortal emperor turned into a giant god while holding Pandora's box (which was really an urn). Betty Ross, the Red She-Hulk, and the Hulk were teamed up to stop him. After she gets beat down and untransforms, she learns if she transforms again she will be stuck. The ending of the arc was a bit disappointing but it worked for the characters and the art was good as always. I am just sad that none of the recent arcs have been up to Planet Hulk or World War Hulk levels of fun. Still, Greg Pak has one final arc to run and I look forward to this, this upcoming week!
Score: 0

Power Man and Iron Fist #5
Power Man and Iron Fist wrapped up this week as much as it will for a miniseries. The duo fought NeoNazis with kicking and resolved the issues but I left a bit confused over some of the plotline and it could probably use a reread. Check it out, the characters are well done and the art is good. People also get kicked a lot and in a month or so it will be out as a trade.
Score: +1

Off The Racks!:
Quick Side Note: DC, I am aware you want to push Super 8 on comic readers and I appreciate that you have it in our books without increasing the prices but I have yet to read it because YOU ALWAYS PUT IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COMICS. I'd rather read it in the back of book, you know, like I do with back up features. And this is in every DC book I bought. DC, suck an egg for now and stop putting the comic in the center.

Fear Itself: The Deep #1
The series is written by Cullen Bunn the guy behind not only the very great The Sixth Gun but also the Superman/Batman arc with magical Batman from the future. The series has Attuma with an evil got hammer kicking Namor and Loa (an X-man) out of Atlantis and taking over. Namor called on Dr. Stranger from the Defenders to bring the team back. Due To Dr Strange not being the Sorceror Supreme anymore though he summons Lyra (alternate future She-Hulk) instead, though the fact that Hulk has a god hammer might also factor in. There is punching and they round out the team with the Silver Surfer. I am excited to see where this goes and you should give the series a try.
Score: +1

Herc #4
Herc flies on a griffin, finds the use behind belt pouches, gets stabbed and beaten and keeps on ticking.
Favorite Comic Book Of The Week
Score: +2
Pope, But He's Made Of Chocolate #87
Despite a very weird release schedule the newest issue of PBHMC does not fail to deliver. In the last issue back in February, The Choco Pope ended up being melted and poured into a devil mold. Luckily in this issue, Choppowsi, CP's half helicopter roommate/president of the Vatican comes in to help. He uses the chopper blades to remold the CP into the normal form, but now with a machine gun with holy water. Next issue CP fights Baron Von Satin.

Heroes For Hire #8
When we last left our Heroes For Hire, Spider-man was fighting velociraptors in a cage fight controlled by Batroc the Leaper and the mysterious employer of him and the the Puppetmaster (who had controlled Misty Knight earlier). Misty comes into help with Satana and fun stuff happens. Raptors are punched, Batroc leaps and nudity happens.
Score: +1

Hulk #34
So I mentioned earlier that I liked Planet Hulk and this Planet Red Hulk walks a thin line. Rulk is called to look at an anomally, is pulled into a portal and is put onto a barbaric planet. Spoilers Follow.Then Rulk kills the king and takes over in one issue. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I cried a bit. I look forward to where this series arc will go to.
Score: +1

Thunderbolts #158
We've already seen the Juggernaut getting the hammer and breaking the Raft so this focuses on our heroic villains finding out. The team is fighting techno zombies when they discover the Raft has been destroyed and instead of running off they decide to police the island prison. The art and the writing in this book are wonderful and there is a reason I still love to recommend this book.
Score: +1

Hellboy The Fury #1
I like Hellboy though I've not read a lot of the comics but the series does a good job catching the reader up to what may be the most important Hellboy story yet. Pick it up to read it though if you like the series at all. I would like to see Mignola draw this though but what can I say.
Score: +1

Static Shock Special
The Troy McDuffie-esqe memorial issue that wasn't really a memorial was a very good comic. I never read the Static Shock series but I grew up with the TV show as a kid. Virgil/Static's father is released from prison after being wrongly incarcerated thanks to Virgil's work but the past catches up too fast. I do wish I had read more of the comic but the issue is really good this week.
Score: +1

Amazing Spider-Man #663
I am honestly divided on the character of Anti-Venom since he is evil but he cures people and I don't know. Unlike Slott's other work up to this point the most recent arc seems to involve some more obscure-ish canon (at least to me). A new crime fight is after Mister Negative whom Anti-Venom is also after. Mister Negative's alternate identity is that of a very charitable person Spider-man knows. Thus conflict. I am interested in where this goes but I am cautious.
Score: +1

Feat Itself Book #3
Fear Itself actually tells a story and has action compared to Flashpoint 2. A buncha stuff happens, the Thing gets a hammer, Bucky-Cap fights Sin-Skadi and Thor gets the hell out of Dodge-Asgard with a time limit to return before Ragnarok happens... again? (I only think Ragnarok happened previously in Marvel Thor, I might be wrong.)
Score: +1

Uncanny X-force #11
Last time we met out heroes we found Archangel is destined to be the next Apocalypse unless the X-force get a Life Seed that will cured/kill/ultra-die Apocalypse. The problem - they have to go into the Age of Apocalypse Universe to do this. The bigger problem - their guide is Dark Beast, Apocalypse's servant. Oh, and one more problem - the remaining resistance force just saw the X-force with Dark Beast.
Score: +1

Weird Worlds #6
Oh god I am glad this is done. Lobo story was confusing as butts. Garbage Man is apparently going to have his own series in the DC line. Tanga I just stopped reading three pages in. Good riddance.
Score: -1

Moon Knight #2
Moon Knight had a magical costume to switch between super powers and identities and while this sounds cool it could have been better. His Spider-man powers are pretty much a worse version of the Spider-man toys you'd get with a kids meal wherein they shoot a hard plastic web. Wolverine is simple enough but yeah. Moon Knight fights evil prostitutes and then has sex with one who was undercover. This was a major drop from the last issue that I loved so much.
Score: -1

Flashpoint #2
We see a bit about Aquaman and Wonder Woman fighting pirate Deathstroke and it clears things up? Also Flash thinks Reverse Flash is messing with him since his costume ring has a Reverse Flash Costume. Flash decides he needs to be repowered so he has alternate Batman hook him up to a machine to recreate his powers. If only the Flash would die instead.
Score: 0

Avengers Academy 14.1
The Avengers Academy kids have to ask a tough question - were they better off joining the team and learning to use their powers. The .1 issue has the kids meeting their almost alumni including a boy who calls himself the Alchemist . They find almost everyone is doing well - but is there something darker going on? The issue was well written, fun and the art was great.
Best Comic Of The Week
Score: +2

Marvel - 9
DC - 0
Dark Horse - 1
Noncomm - 1

The House That Jack Built still is my personal winner. If there are any DC Comics you want me to check out next week, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Join me next week for Frankenstein Vs Frankenstein: The Miniseries Fight To The Death.

Next Week's Pull List:
Flashpoint: Frankenstein
Fear Itself: Deadpool
Fear Itself: Fearsome Four
Incredible Hulks
Mystery Men
New Avengers
Ultimate Spiderman

Stuff I Forgot:
Wolverine and Herc: Mutants, Myths and Monsters