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ROUND 27: Comics For August 17, 2011

Hey all you Trekkies and TV addicts, if you all either hold your hands together or fire off supportive emails or download his new single with Adam WarRock, I am pretty sure Tribe One will return. If not, we send out search parties.

Avengers #16
Wow this was a sort of dumb pointless comic. As Steve Rogers tries to hunt down Sin he brings along three nonsuperheroes, runs into his general team of villains who aren't really explained and then a castle blows up with nothing to gain. Ugh. The art also bothered me. I mean I like Romita's work but here it seemed inconsistent.

Avengers Academy #18
As the Avengers Academy students face off against Titania and the Absorbing Man (with Action Hammer Power!) the students realize that they are not only outmatched, but they are also outclassed. The students realize they can try and play fair and lose or they can attempt to cheat but as the saying goes - cheaters never prosper, a lesson they find out as the Absorbing Man starts overpowering the school's Pym Particle reactor causing the school to grow and threaten to breach reality. Great art, fun action and the character are still excellent to read.
Best Comic

Daredevil #2
As Daredevil continues his pursuit of his mysterious case, Daredevil is forced to confront his past when he got possessed by a demon and became a leader of a ninja guild and did that... yeah. Cap wants answers but realizing something else is up, the two part ways so Daredevil is free to look more into the case only to find something not human, not alive and maybe non even fully real. The art on the book really sells it for me and the interesting dialogue and story gives it double value!

Fear Itself: Deadpool #3
Deadpool ended up finding out that the Hammer he gave the Walrus was magical and was made to fight werewolves, only for the werewolves to steal Deadpool's money while Deadpool fought the Walrus for the hammer. The episode veered more towards the level of the first issue with everything feeling a bit rushed. Also the reliance over Alice In Wonderland and Beatles references got rather weary for me personally. I don't know, it didn't strike me much one way or another.

Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #3
It turns out the New Fantastic Four (Hulk, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and Wolverine) who got summoned in the last issue were servants of Psycho Man to inspire fear and as the Fearsome Four get beaten they realize they need to fight back.. more than they were. Luckily Howard has a secret weapon and banishes the five enemies, but the problem is Man-Thing is still there and he's burning to touch his teammates. The issue did nothing for me. Nothing funny despite Howard the Duck and Spider-Man and somewhat confusing. Glad there is only one issue left.

Flashpoint: The Outsider
Last time it turned out that Martian Manhunter was the assassin after The Outsider and here we find out his good reasoning for it. The Outsider found, tortured and sold the Manhunter to Russia (which was partially controlled by Black Adam). The Russians then tortured the Martian with fire only to overdo it so he overpowered the natural fear of fire and killed everyone in the group, destroyed Black Adam and then was sent after The Outsider who killed him in a quantum portal more or less leaving The Outsider still in the dark about who (Aquaman or Wonder Woman) is trying to stop him. Fun, mysterious with solid art. I really wish the series was going to continue.

Hulk #39
So way back during Planet Red Hulk, I thought Omegex the robot the Watcher sent after Hulk was captured in a time loop. I was wrong. As Ross returns home and reflects on his past he realizes the connections of who is trying to kill him and the origin of the Black Fog, only for Omegex and Black Fog to show up with everyone looking for a piece of one another. Dang Jeff Parker, you put out an issue almost every two weeks and the art is always great as is the writing. Thank you very much!

Journey Into Mystery #626
As Loki finishes assembling his team of warriors he lands in Limbo only to be betrayed by his Hel-Hound (who is gobbled up soon after). Loki makes a deal with Surtur the fire demon for Surtur to give Loki his sword in exchange for Surtur being allowed to destroy Asgard. As Hel is invaded the warriors Loki has waiting begin to worry but Loki arrives in time with the Destroyer and with the announcement of their mission - to destroy Asgard. Journey continues to be a wonderfully fun and beautiful book to read.

Spider-Island: Spider-Girl #1
As Anya is attempting to readjust to her new life with powers, her enemies from the past, the Wasps, show up, only to meet and fight the Hand ninjas who are actively attempting to protect Anya. Only things get worse when Hobgoblin captures her and sends her to the Kingpin who offers her work because the Kingpin protects his own people, the Spider-People. Fun art and writing and Paul Tobin snuck in an LCD Soundsystems reference. Yes!

Superman/Batman #87
Continuing last week, the Joker is planning to kill Clark Kent only for Batman to stop him as it turns out that the Joker was paying the Gotham newspaper to print a story about Batman's secret identity. The Joker killed the reporter and it got confusing but the Joker got put away. Simple. Not the best but okay. Still, never before has the Joker looked like he had a white vagina for a face and I say this in all seriousness because the Joker's face, well that is what first came to my mind. So many weird folds on that thing.

Thunderbolts #162
After Zemo launched his biobomb army thing at Chicago, the Thunderbolts were ordered to stop the monsters which they were more than happy to do. Only, the B-team of the Thunderbolts is using this as a chance to escape and Man-Thing is absorbing the beasts become a "Giant-Sized Man-Thing". That line happened so naturally that I actually fell over laughing. Thunderbolts is a book you should be reading and it is easily my Favorite Comic of the Week.

Ultimate Fallout #6
Ultimate Fallout ends as it should with life returning. Aunt May and Gwen Stacy take up Tony Stark's offer to move anywhere - in this case France. Meanwhile Kitty Pryde, Johnny Storm and Bobby Frost move into the Morlock Tunnels to start a new life. Meanwhile Captain America quits SHIELD and Nick Fury reveals his past with the Parker family to Mary Jane. The art was solid as normal but I think I am really ready for actual issues to start up again.

Venom #6
As Flash attempts to leave Betty behind with his dying father, a giant spider monster attacks the city and Venom is sent in to clean up and capture. The problem is, as soon as the beast is brought back and subdued, it escape with Flash outside of the symbiote with the spider-beast shooting out infectious spiders. Also that beast might be Captain America. Nobody ever said that this was going to be an easy job. The art was good though some action scenes were a bit messy but overall fun.

Zatanna #16
A fun and simple Zatanna story where Zatanna wanting to rest comes into contact with a Witch Boy wanting to be her apprentice and then deciding he'd rather rule the world leading to a multidimensional race and ultimately capture. A fun no worries end to a fun series with great art and great creativity.

Total Scores:
Marvel +8
DC +2

Next Week: More Comics!

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