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Round 25: Comics for August 10, 2011

Another week of comics! Boom! Skipping the back issues I got on saturday though because none of them were all that fun and I don't have them on hand. They were Rocketeer Adventures #3 and Gates of Gotham 3 and 4. Onto new stuff though.

Amazing Spider-Man #667
Oh man. Spider-Man traded off Fear Itself for this event and already it is so much fun. The Jackal went and hooked up the crime gangs (and other random civilians like Peter's current girlfriend Carly Cooper) with Spider-Powers. The problem is the Jackal also gave the criminals costumes. And Lady Web is there and that is never a good sign. This is already shaping up to be mega fun and as infectious as an STD (spidey transmitted disease).

Batman and Robin #26
I bought this solely for the cover as Batman, Robin and Nightrunner (the faux controversial French-Muslim parkour Batman) stood off against the whole of France being controlled by The Son of Man (in reference to the painting), Sister Crystal (who could turn people to crystal), The Id (who could mentally control masses), Skin Talker (who could hypnotize with messages on his skin) and Ray Man (who could make people trip balls. This all takes place at the Louvre and is filled with a lot of fun stuff like the ultimate reveal of the Son of Man. Dang!

Deadpool #41
Deadpool continues his stint in prison and he is actually recovering. No commentary from the boxes. No madcap antics. The story is interesting in how un-Deadpool-y he is being. He is being forced to confront what he did but I have a feeling something deeper is happening. I honestly can't say I ever pictures this happening or being interesting but it is totally both.

Fear Itself #5
As Thor faces the Hulk and the Thing (presented by Evil Hammers ®), Tony Stark talks to Odin and Steve Rogers, the original Cap goes up against Sin, daughter of the Red Skull. Thor defeats the Thing launching Mjolnir through him leaving him dying in the Baxter building while Tony pleads to Odin for the chance to have a chance - by making weapons. Meanwhile Thor launches the Hulk into space while Ben Grimm is restored, just in time for the Serpent to land on Earth (and for Spider-Man to leave). A lot of great stuff here and set up for the final two issues that I am really looking forward to.

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3
The final issue bring the group of Frankenstein, his bride, Velcoro (the man bat) , Griffith (the werewolf) Nina (the aquatic creature) and the monster hunter Shrieve, daughter of the original leader off to Romania. Once there they are confronted with the military's top monster killing robot and the monsters he killed. Nina's father, the original scientist who created the monsters is there for medical duties as the Frankensteins and Velcoro fight the robot. Velcoro ends up dying a hero's death and Griffith is turned back to human and then I guess the Frankensteins and Shrieve ride on horses to try and stop Wonder Woman and Aquaman which is just not as good of an ending as I hoped. This issue wasn't as fun or satisfying as the others but I am still looking forward to Lemire's long running series in the future.

Hellboy: The Fury #3
As Hellboy faces the dragon he's been waiting to face all of his life, all hell breaks loose and everything ends.

The Incredible Hulks #634
The Hulk destroys the world. But before that Amadeus Cho, Dr Strange and Monica Rappaccini go to stop him and fail as The Hulk and his current girl Umar face off against She-Hulk (red), Tyrannus, Fin Fang Foom and the Mindless Ones. Strange escapes when Rappaccini and Cho decide to stay only for the Hulk to destroy the world and bring them back. The Hulk begins and eternal battle with the She-Hulk before Tyrannus and a super chaged Fin Fang Foom kick it out of a portal and go to take over Earth. one issue left. Dang.

The New Avengers #15
I will not lie, I am a fan of Squirrel Girl and how amazingly overpowered she is and that is the one rule in my personal cannon - everyone she defeated she defeated. When she got to spar and beat Wolverine in this issue - amazing. When she broke through a Nazi mech - yes! As the nanny to Jessica Jone and Luke Cage though, she's going to get a lot more work as about 30 mechs just surrounded the mansion and yes.

Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger #1
Oh man. I've had a passing knowledge of Cloak and Dagger mostly through comics like Runaways but this book is a great introduction as the two start to fall apart. While Cloak wants to be more of a hero, Dagger is interested in a simpler life. Getting called into the fray of the Spider-Man invasion looks like this is going to turn interesting. Meanwhile Mister Negative is worrying about his death which has been predicted to come at the hands of Dagger? Bum bum bum! The writing in this is super solid and Nick Spencer makes some good comics and with Emma Rios on the art that is all cranked up.

Spider-Island: Deadly Foes #1
2 issues for $4.99! Dang!
As Phil Urich, the Hobgoblin goes over his revenge he explains his infatuation with Norah Winters, the Bugle Reporter currently dating the son of the current Bugle editor, Randy Robertson. Greed is a big problem but when the Hobgoblin tries to kill Randy, he finds that those new Spider-Powers Randy has are a lot worse. In the end Randy leaves Norah for risking her life (stupidly) to try and cover a story to get back at Betty Brant only for Norah to swing over to Phil.
In part 2, we meet the Jackal and his past and his future as he brings back Kaine (who died but not really in the Grim Hunt) only to be confronted by his first failed clone of Gwen Stacy. As she attempts to kill her father, the Jackal, Tarantula saves him only for the three (Jackal, Kaine and Tarantula) to meet a yet unidentified woman.
The first part was a lot more fun with Slott on the writing but the second half actually made the Jackal seem like a Jackal, more bestial and psychotic. Overall though, this was a lot of fun.

Ultimate Comics Fallout #5
Quicksilver/Pietro plans to sell the mutants to be tapped for their powers while Nick Fury faces a stretched budget. The issue ends with Quicksilver almost getting incesty with his sister the Scarlet Witch but he luckily freaks out especially after being told to go to Egypt. Shadow King or Apocalypse anyone? I am actually interested in the new Ultimate X-men but I am also glad the next Ultimate Fallout is the end.

Final Scores:
Marvel +10
DC +2
Dark Horse + 1

Next week:
Superman Batman
Avengers Academy
Fear Itself Deadpool
Fear Itself Fearsome Four
Journey Into Mystery
Spider-Island: Spider-Girl
Ultimate Comics Fallout

Also, got a hook up by getting Lucifer Vol1 for about $7. Thanks LCBS!

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